Online lessons to tell your brand story

Simplify your message

Create an emotional connection

Grow your business

Stop competing on price!  If you're not selling your brand, you're selling a commodity. The market sets commodity prices, not you.

Give your customer an EMOTIONAL reason to buy.  

Turn customers into raving fans who will share your story... simply because they love what you represent.

"Your talk gave me so much renewed energy to bring back, and reminded me why I really do this work. Thank you! Inspired by your course, I rewrote our About Us page. It's the first draft, but is a huge improvement from before! I can't wait to do our email series next!

-Anna V.

Great brands don't sell...

they compel

story branding SPECIAL?

Michael Jamin's screenwriting credits, owner of Cardboard Rocketships

Michael Jamin helped grow TwirlyGirl, his wife's clothing brand, into a multi-million dollar business.

He did it by telling brand stories.

Storytelling became TwirlyGirl's secret weapon. We called it our Cardboard Rocketship because it was inexpensive, creative, and launched our sales to the moon.

Stop selling and start telling...

your brand story.

The video generated millions in revenue... by selling the brand.

Would you like to
increase sales without lowering prices?

3 Branding Truths You Probably Didn't Realize

Brand stories give your customer an emotional reason to buy

Brand stories don't require capital expenditure

You already have a brand story... you're just not telling it

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What will I learn?

How to increase sales without lowering prices. The reason why customers care so much about price is because you haven't given them anything else to care about. We'll teach you how to give your shoppers an emotional reason to buy.

The importance of having a good brand story. Great companies don't sell the product, they sell the brand. You'll learn how they do it, and how you can apply the same lessons to your brand. You'll create a lasting impression at every touchpoint, so that customers become fans.

Why you're doing emails wrong.  Most emails never get opened. We get fan mail from ours. Give them an emotional reason to buy, and you won't have to send discounts and coupons.

How to convert non-customers into valuable fans. Even if your website has a 4% conversion rate, that means 96% of your traffic is going to waste. We teach you how to squeeze value out of them.

How to create entertaining marketing videos on a budget. Check out the first video I wrote for TwirlyGirl. It cost us $1400 to shoot… and $40 of that was for the cake.  And guess what?  No one cares about the production value.  It's all about the writing.

How to spot invisible weakeners. There are simple tricks to make your story more compelling. There are also hidden traps, called "invisible weakeners," that make people lose interest.

Professional sitcom writing tips that will change how you sell. We apply the same rules use to making compelling TV shows to making compelling marketing. That's how you stand out.

60 minute private consulation with Michael Jamin.  I'll help you find your brand story and show you how to tell it. Bought separately this would cost $350.

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Branding is the story you tell your customers... 

over and over.


YOU need to tell your brand story as only YOU can tell it.

This course consists of 9 recorded videos for a total of 2 hours and 46 minutes of instruction. Watch at your own pace. It also includes exercises to help you tell your own stories. Upon completion, you will be a better writer and more effective marketer.

9 in-depth videos

Your boring brand story is costing you money. Learn how to create engaging content that turns your audience into raving fans.

Almost 3 hours of training

Deep-dive discusions with case studies to ensure you understand every principle clearly.

Homework Assignments

Strategic assignments that turn theory into reality. If the dog eats your homework, that's on you.

One hour consultation

One free hour of branding consultation with Michael valued at over $350.

Stop competing on price.

Customers are willing to pay more if you give them an emotional reason to buy.

Create your Brand Story

 this course is for

Small Business Owners




Your Investment: $995

(includes 1 hour coaching session with Michael Jamin valued at over $350)

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