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Drawing from his 23 years of experience as a television writer/showrunner, Michael Jamin speaks extensively on how businesses can tell their brand story. By creating an emotional connection with their customers, brands no longer have to compete on price.

Michael's numerous engagements include Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, UCLA Extension, eCommerce Fuel Live, Trending50, Seller Summit and countless podcasts.

As a professional storyteller, his presentations are both funny and educational.





Applying television storytelling to marketing

"Michael gave the highest-rated breakout talks at both events he spoke at."

Andrew Youderian, founder ECF Live

Marketing experts stress the importance of sharing your brand story. But they don't tell you HOW to tell your story. We'll teach you how it's done.


  • A brand isn't simply a collection of products. It's the stories you tell.
  • Learn to market by sharing entertaining and meaningful stories.
  • Our unique perspective on storytelling comes from writing TV shows you love. 
  • Presentations are engaging and funny. 
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"I really enjoyed your talk. Products may not last but stories stay. That's one of our new goals, to bring more life to our brand. Thanks so much for the awesome session!

-Julia Zhu


- Julia Z.

"You gave the highest rated breakout talks at both ECF events you spoke at."

-Andrew Youderian

Founder, eCommerceFuel Live

-Garret G.