Is your brand story captivating?

If it's not, people aren't talking about you.

25 Years of Professional Comedy Writing Experience

The voice of your brand is like creating a TV character.

It has to be smart and engaging.

Cheap jokes do not elevate your brand.

I create worlds for a living. I can apply that same skill towards creating your brand.


Hire the guy who writes these shows

"Customers want to understand the passion behind your brand."

-Michael Jamin

Can your copywriter create magic like this?


"Absolutely the best ad ever! I just watched it again for the sheer joy of it."

-Cari f.

"Wow. I thought you couldn't outdo your last commercial but this is fabulous entertainment!!!"

-Rosemary j.

"I absolutely love your commercial. I'm sharing your ad with my family and friends."

-Jackie B.

"Tell those girls their commercial was 100 times more entertaining and humorous than any network or infomercial. Great job! Definitely made me want to order."

-Maxine T.

"I have NEVER been so intrigued by a commercial!!! OMG, you are brilliant!!!

-shele s.

"I am in marketing and communications and this was literally the perfect ad! Engaging, aligns with your brand... Well done!"

Nadine C.