Is your brand story captivating?

If it's not you're wasting your advertising dollars

What's the messaging behind most brands? Buy me.

They'll list a million reasons why you should buy, buy, buy.

This approach is completely backwards and it's why your brand is struggling.

If I showed up to your home on Christmas, with a gift for you, I guarantee you'd think, "Oh, no. I didn't get him anything."

That's because people want to reciprocate. It makes them feel good.

Instead of asking your customers to buy, why not give them something first?

A laugh, a feeling, an emotional connection.

In exchange, they'll give you something back.

Their business, their loyalty, a referral.

And that is how you grow your brand.

"Customers want to feel the passion behind your brand."

Michael Jamin

Let Us Help You grow Your Brand

We'll craft a story brand that resonates with your audience and boosts your sales

As working Hollywood screenwriters, we know how to tell stories that are emotionally engaging. As brand owners, we know how to apply these stories to marketing.

The reason why our marketing works is because it stands out. It's "out of the box" because we've never been "in the box."

We can make your brand stand out too.

25 Years of Professional television Writing Experience

The voice of your brand is like creating a TV character.

It has to be smart and engaging.

We create worlds for a living. We can apply that same skill towards creating your brand.

Here are some samples of real advertisements we've made for our own projects that have generated MILLIONS in revenue.

We can help you too.

Hire the guy who writes these shows

Samples Of Our WOrk


"Absolutely the best ad ever! I just watched it again for the sheer joy of it."

-Cari f.

"Wow. I thought you couldn't outdo your last commercial but this is fabulous entertainment!!!"

-Rosemary j.

"I absolutely love your commercial. I'm sharing your ad with my family and friends."

-Jackie B.

"Tell those girls their commercial was 100 times more entertaining and humorous than any network or infomercial. Great job! Definitely made me want to order."

-Maxine T.

"I have NEVER been so intrigued by a commercial!!! OMG, you are brilliant!!!

-shele s.

"I am in marketing and communications and this was literally the perfect ad! Engaging, aligns with your brand... Well done!"

Nadine C.