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As a working screenwriter, my schedule doesn't always allow me to coach. But I enjoy sharing my knowledge of brand building. If I can make time for you, I will.

One-on-one coaching

"I believe your knowledge is 110% educational and I am ecstatic as to what I am learning. You are leading me into new directions for Island Jay."

Jason Guarino, owner Island Jay

Everyone has a story worth telling. Yours isn't inside this bunny costome. I checked.

"All of us have interesting stories to tell.
I’ll teach you how to find and craft them."

-Michael Jamin

coaching packages

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Most coaching packages start with a block of 4 sessions:

Session 1 & 2:  We work together to discover your brand story, and figure out how best to communicate it.

Session 3:  Michael writes one of your brand stories as an example to get you started

Session 4:  Michael critiques your work and helps you revise it

People Want To Share A Good Story

"I stumbled across an ad for this company - which by the way as ads go, was pretty awesome. So I clicked the link to take a quick peek and I learned what makes this company so much different than any other children's clothing line. I for one will definitely be a customer."

- Helaina's h.

"I talked about you and your site to some of my guests today. You bring so much joy to young ladies everywhere."

- Natalie t.

"Thank you for sharing your story and TwirlyGirl's backstory And, once again, your video adds are BRILLIANT!"


"I saw this ad on one of my friend's Facebook walls and I thought it was so creative that I posted it on mine. I love your concept, your sense of humor and the love you put into your product and communications. "

-Brian St.

"Now that I've read about how you got started and why you are in business, I'm grateful to have found you, proud to know you."

-renee W.

"OMG! I am sobbing! I loved your first video and told you so. I even shared it with my clients as an example of video done right. This one... over the top."