Telling Your Brand Story

Video 5: Shooting Your Commercial


  • A good script is everything
  • Two or three minutes is fine.
  • Repeat brand name often
  • Shooting on phone is ok, but good sound is very important
  • Oner’s are simple.  But leave little margin for editing.
  • What are you really selling?
  • One set-up, one punchline.
  • What are we watching?  What’s visual about each scene?
  • Facebook prefers square format.
  • Put logo on every frame, and finish with your end card.
  • Start with a bang.  End with something emotional.  (vision statement)
  • Let the emotional moment land. Give it time to resonate with your audience.  A close-up will help with this.  Then end with one final joke.
  • Speak your customer’s language
  • Rewrite!
  • Pond5 and Audio Jungle- Great source to license music