Several years ago, TwirlyGirl needed a commercial that would do more than just sell dresses. It needed to make our customers believe in the magic of the brand. So we decided to build a Cardboard Rocketship. It was inexpensive, creative, and most importantly, it took our customers on a journey.  That's what a brand story can do.

Today, we help other small businesses build their own Cardboard Rocketships. Marketing doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be memorable.

Michael Jamin

I've been a professional television writer since 1996. My credits include Just Shoot Me, King of the Hill, Out of Practice, Beavis & Butthead, Wilfred, Rules of Engagement, Maron, Brickleberry, Glenn Martin DDS, Lopez, Tacoma FD, and many other shows, movies and pilots.

In 2007, my wife started a line of girls clothing called TwirlyGirl. I wanted to help, but I knew absolutely nothing about business, eCommerce, or retail. Or computers. Or management. Or fashion. I bought a book, but it was too difficult for me. It was called Business for Dummies.

So I did the only thing I knew how. I wrote stories. Stories about why Cynthia started her business, stories about how I tried to help her and failed, stories about our customers and products. Because they were honest and authentic, something magical happened. Customers started sending us fan mail. We were accustomed to getting great reviews about our products and customer service, but this was different. Now they spoke about the love they had for our brand, and what we stood for. I would later discover this is called "good marketing" and many of the skills I use as a TV writer/showrunner were responsible for that.

As a TV writer, my goal is to get people to sample my show then return for the next episode. Marketing is no different. You need to grab people's attention, then give them a compelling reason to come back and purchase. Talking about the features of your product is NOT a compelling reason. Slashing your prices can be compelling, but it's also a quick way to go out of business.

Stories, however, can be that compelling reason. They help people buy into the dream of whatever you're selling. When you tell a good story, people will share it with their friends, and that's how you grow the bottom line.

I'm still a working TV writer, but over the years, many business owners have asked me to help with their marketing. So I built this course, and when my schedule permits, I'm available to coach. If you already consider yourself a great storyteller, this course will make you a better.  And if you don't have a writer's bone in your body, this course will give you the knowledge to help find a capable writer.

Telling your brand story can be a lot of fun. You'll enjoy this, and so will your customers.

Phil Hudson

I've worked in the Internet Marketing world for over a decade. During that time I've held every job in the industry from low level customer support for a top 10 Internet Marketing Agency to owning and operating my own agency. I was lucky enough to have a mentor who forced me to learn Internet Marketing by doing it myself.

In the beginning, I struggled with eCommerce. I had to build the sites, find the suppliers, and do the SEO and PPC. I found success, but it never felt like I was really connecting with my customers. That was until my two life passions crossed paths.

I've been telling stories since I was 12 years old. In fifth grade I was required to do a creative storytelling test through the State of Oklahoma and I fell in love. Shortly there after, I was watching a movie and noticed the phrase "written by" in the end credits. That's when I knew exactly what I wanted to do. In 2013 I was offered a scholarship to attend film school as a Robert Redford scholar.

I've lived in Los Angeles since 2016 where I've worked on productions for TruTV & YouTube Premium as well as managing SEO initiatives for major brands including Kodiak Cakes, Discount Tire, and even The City of Savannah, Georgia.

Today I continue to work on screenplays and creative projects while helping businesses grow through strategic Internet Marketing strategies. The turning point in my own business was when I leveraged storytelling to connect with my customers. That's when they learned why I cared so much about providing superior value to them. 

Tell your story and your business will grow.